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Lamborghini Huracan Performante Start Ups & Revs

BrianZuk records some start ups and hard revs (a few bouncing off the limiter) from the new Lamborghini Huracan Peformante in Verde Mantis, at a Lamborghini Club America event!

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Lamborghini Huracán Performante INTERIOR - GENEVA MOTOR SHOW 2017 4K Video

The Huracán Performante contains the DNA of a true Lamborghini, with its design unmistakably describing and emphasizing the car’s purpose and inherent technologies, like a piece of technical art.

Reflecting the pure lines and performance of Lamborghini Super Trofeo race cars, the design also takes inspiration, particularly at the rear, from naked performance motorcycles, with their exposed frames and ‘streetfighter’ structures expressing function and performance.

Moreover, the design highlights the active aerodynamics (ALA) and lightweight build that are so integral to the car. Gloss, naked Forged Composite with its ability to be shaped or moulded in a single piece, is always used in ALA components, alongside matt and gloss black carbon fiber features contrasting with the matt body color: shown in a new matt orange (Arancio Anthaeus) on the Huracán Performante in Geneva.

The new front is sophisticated and razor-blade sharp like a race car, with the design of the air intakes and splitter giving the impression of incisors, reminiscent of a striking snake. The active aerodynamic front spoiler is clearly visible in Forged Composite. The front bumper has no grills emphasizing lightweight, efficiency and sportiveness.

The engine bonnet in Forged Composite emphasizes its lightweight construction. Air intakes are integrated in the engine bonnet to provide air flow to the rear wing inner ducts and cooling air to the engine, with a Plexiglas cover over the engine inside. The V10 power plant’s manifold cover in bronze, a finish used in other special edition engines, is a reminder of Lamborghini heritage as well as denoting the enhanced engine and increased power output.

The racing inspired and fascinating rear, features extensive carbon fiber, with Forged Composite components reinforcing the significance of active aerodynamics. The rear wing with integrated air ducts could only have been created in one piece using the Forged Composite technology.

The sportiness of the Performante’s design is exemplified by the high-mounted exhausts, similar to extreme sports motorcycles, which create a more direct physical connection with the engine. The rear diffuser in matt black is directly inspired by Lamborghini Super Trofeo race cars, in both appearance and function. A trapezoid line from the bottom of the diffuser, also in Forged Composite, emphasizes the width of the car’s rear: technical and sporty with an immense presence.

From the side, the design is characterized by the accelerating line of the rocker cover with air intakes in matt black, the Italian tricolore colors of the Performante’s Sant’Agata Bolognese birthplace on the doors, topped with wing mirrors in shiny black. The lightweight, Narvi 20” forged wheels, dedicated to the Huracán Performante, are painted in bronze.

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