The all-new F90 M5 which was recently previewed in Frankfurt, Germany. As if the moment was not special enough, they decided to showcase the beautiful paint – Donington Grey Metallic. The beautiful and unique shade of grey make look familiar, since it was made popular by the X6 M and a current available color option for the new M5 sports sedan.

BMW M5 Donington Grey 11 830x553

BMW M5 Donington Grey 12 830x553
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As sources tell EurocarMotorsport, the ordering guidelines made specific to the United States include the following colors: Black Sapphire Metallic, Alpine White, Snapper Rocks Blue Metallic, Bluestone Metallic, Marina Bay Blue Metallic, Donington Grey Metallic and Singapore Grey Metallic.

Other special colors offered for an additional fee or through the BMW Individual Program include the Azurite Black Metallic, Almadine Brown Metallic, Champaign Quartz Metallic, Frozen Marina Bay Blue, Rhodonite Silver Metallic,  Pure Metal Silver and Frozen Dark Silver.