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Computational Fluid Dynamics in Development of the BMW M4 DTM

A large part of the growth took place together with the help of computer simulations.


During the introduction of a brand new race car, the lowest details can result in a critical edge in the conflict for all those fractions of a second on the circuit. It’s no wonder the BMW Motorsport engineers leave nothing to chance. For this reason the CFD flow computations are of such significance that is exceptional. The development of digitalisation has shifted racing car design. Without leaving the computer engineers can identify the most promising options for particular parts.

Before the components have been assembled on computers, the aerodynamics specialists mimic the effects of changes to the individual parts of every automobile –. Every one of the cells may be individually analysed, occasionally for a whole day, determined by the kind of simulation. Only half of a vehicle is needed, as the air flow for straight line travel is indistinguishable for both sides of the automobile.





BMW Motorsport uses seasoned aerodynamicists to interpret the values that are derived. After exact evaluation of flow lines, the pressure distribution and a number of other details, the aerodynamicists may make a certain recommendation for changes to be done to the elements. Versions are examined in the wind tunnel on a scaled down, 60 per cent model in the event the part has established itself during simulation. The computer-assisted flow simulation isn’t meant to replace wind tunnel work, but complements it.

The preliminary computations are coped with by an armada of high performance computers. This bandwidth and access to computing power means that it’s likely to do multiple computations in parallel. The result: even more efficiency and precision in the creation of BMW Motorsport racing cars.

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