The BMW of North America division has plans to recall over 80,000 BMW X3 crossover SUVs, to fix an airbag flaw that could possibly stop the front passenger airbag from inflating in an accident.

This BMW x3 Airbag Recall is expected to start on November 20, and it will affect the BMW 2.5i and the BMW 3.01 models with xDrive. These airbag errors are mostly for vehicles within the 2006 to 2010 model years.

The major problem in this flaw involves a front occupant sensor that is located in the floor mat. This sensor may not function properly, and over a longer period of time, the passenger seat may develop cracks that could break the electrical signals. The airbag depends on these electrical signals to know when to activate, therefore, a break in these signals would cause the airbag to deactivate.

According to a report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the airbag warning lamp as well as the passenger side airbag on and off lamp will be illuminated, which will alert passengers in the vehicle of the airbag system being deactivated.

The original part for the airbag system was supplied by Continental automotive systems Inc. which is located in Auburn Hills Michigan. BMW of North America has not received any reports of injuries or deaths related to the problem as of this date of reporting.

As with most recalls or pertinent issues with vehicles, owners that are affected by this BMW x3 Airbag Recall will be notified by mail and car dealers certified to replace the necessary parts will replace the affected front passenger seat detection sensors.