So you thought charging your iPhone 8 without wires was cool heh? Well, now BMW has done it again.. They now have a monster wireless charging pad.. and it is for your car. Yes.. yes… they did that. They created a wireless charging pad that you will drive over to charge your 530e.

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BMW details their plans to make a wireless charger available in 2018. The plan is to make it first available to the BMW 530e iPerformance hybrid, then available in later models.



The charging pad is essentially a blown-up version of the standard Qi chargers you place your phone on to charge wirelessly. Below is a video explaining how its done, and the instructions on driving over the wireless plate, as well as how to align your car properly above the plate.




According to BMW, the 530e should be under a full charge in under 4 hours, which should be comparable to the charging time for plug-in wall sockets.


If the importance to properly aligning the device to the wireless charging pad sounds familiar, you probably have owned an Apple or Android device that supports wireless charging. If you have had the pleasure of dealing with wireless charging issues with a phone, imagine how much fun you will have trying to center up your car over a saucer sized plate.