In this latest set of spyshots, we’ve got both the new G63 and a regular version of the G-Class. Both have stripped some of their camouflage. However, the strips of wrapping around the headlights make them look like brawlers who want to punch you in the face.
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The next generation of this iconic 4×4 is set to debut in January at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. However, we know Mercedes likes to make web debuts, so we’re likely to see some cool stuff even before that.

The W464 has been one of the most talked about projects in German test car history. So even before its debut, we feel like it’s already a classic. Even without all the technology Mercedes is undoubtedly going to cram into the vehicle, we know that it’s going to be a huge sales success. After all, they were able to sell 1,000 of the bonkers G500 4×4 Squared that costs about $250,000 in just a year.

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This new G63 looks very expensive too. However, there’s less stuff under the hood. Instead of a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8, we’ll only get a 4-liter engine. But the total output should actually be higher than before, matching the 612 HP of the E63 S.

Peaking out from under the camo are some fender flares that are painted black, just like a few other body pieces. However, the bit we’re eager to see is the grille, since AMG models of late have a sort of bulbous design called Panamericana.

Being broader and lower, the new G-Class should handle a lot better on the road. However, rumors suggest radical weight savings are also inbound. If they turn out to be true, the “regular” versions could also prove pretty dynamic.

That’s because Mercedes has developed a new family of inline-6 engines with cutting-edge technology. From what we’ve seen on the S-Class sedan, they’re pretty great. So something like a G 400d will no longer be seen as the poor man’s choice.