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The Chicago Auto Show is one of the biggest automotive events in the world, and BMW is one of the biggest names in the automotive industry. Therefore, it only makes sense that BMW would send some of the best vehicles in its lineup to the 2017 Chicago Auto Show.

During this year’s auto show, BMW placed a large emphasis on its fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles. Fuel efficiency was the focus during BMW’s presentations, and it was featured prominently in the vehicles that were put on display.

The iPerformance fleet of vehicles saw the addition of a model from the BMW 5 Series, the 2017 BMW 530e. The new 530e iPerformance vehicle joined the 2017 BMW 330e, the 2017 BMW 740e, and the 2017 BMW X5 iPerformance model as an official part of the iPerformance fleet.

Furthermore, much of the attention of automotive fans in attendance was shifted toward the two electric vehicle models from BMW: the versatile 2017 BMW i3 and the powerful 2017 BMW i8. These models demonstrate just how far BMW has gone to make strides in the world of electric and hybrid models.

BMW vehicles on display during the 2017 Chicago Auto Show included the 2017 BMW i3, the 2017 BMW i8, the 2017 BMW X5, the 2017 BMW 330e, the 2017 BMW 530e, and the 2017 BMW 740e.

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